Why does my man always look at other women when he's with me?

I'm kinda the jealous type,and it makes me feel insecure...so I'm just wondering why he does it


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  • It is common for males to always look at other women, especially when in a relationship. It is kind of odd, that when you are in a relationship, you misjudge how many women are around looking at you. Reasoning? People are attracted to people they cannot have, especially if they are good looking. Thus your guy looks at all the women he can't have and the women looks at the guy she can't have (but wants).

    No reason to feel insecure, especially if your guy is good looking. Most women nowadays cannot get a reasonable man to be with, so they can look on at what you got. Develop a different mindset to not feel insecure, because that is really unattractive, especially for a more mature women as yourself.


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  • Men are visual creatures? He's with you. Boy today must be insecurity day here on GirlsAskGuys.


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