I have oily skin (not very oily though) and few blackheads on my nose and cheeks!

Do guys notice these stuff? are they a turn off?

i know they can be covered by makeup but I am not a big fan of makeup, plus guys claim that they don't like girls with "too much make up on" ... So in my case... would you guys prefer the oily skin with blackheads, or a face covered with makeup? Please I want honest and sincere answers ! :)


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  • Go out and get two cheap things from the drugstore: milk of magnesia (no flavor) and castor oil.

    During the day, wash your face and put the milk of magnesia on in tiny drops on your face and blend it in. Don't put too much or it will get chalky. This is a miracle for keeping the oil off your skin. At night just wash it off like normal. You can wear this under sunscreen or makeup.

    At night after you wash your face, get a few drops of the castor oil and massage it into your skin. It's sticky, but once you massage it in, it will absorb. Castor oil is similar to the oil on skin, and will clean our your pores. You can leave it on all night, or you can just massage a bit more on, and rinse it off with a warm washcloth.

    The castor oil will pull the excess oil out of your skin, so if it gets dry, just cut back on the oil treatments.


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  • Guys have eyes,yes they notice.

    My personal advice to you,if you have oily skin,don't attempt to cover it up,or if you should,use a tinted moisturizer with powder to set it.I used to have oily skin and it does look ridiculous when you end up looking like a greaseball.

    Try St.Ives Blemish and blackhead control apricot scrub.1-2x a week.A cleanser with either Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid.

  • Use pure honey with lime (lemon) - leave it on for 15-20 minutes, wash it off with a wet warm towel.

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