What are the pros and cons of make up?

Yup! Advantages and disadvantages of it! :)


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  • Pros:
    -It makes you look and feel better sometimes.
    -It can be fun to experiment with.
    -It can hide or at least make things like zits less noticeable.

    -It takes awhile to get used to the feeling of it on your skin (at least for me) and you can't touch your face or rub your eyes, which I hate.
    -It isn't great for your skin and for me, it dries my skin out and makes it feel weird.
    -It can be difficult to create certain looks and it can also be time consuming.
    -It can be hard to wash off.
    -It can smudge and wear off as the day goes on.


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  • Pro's : Can bring out your features more, can improve confidence, can be fun to experiment and apply, can sometimes help your skin (some foundations for example can be hydrating or have SPF), can hide blemishes or things you feel icky about it

    Con's: Can break out your skin/react badly with your skin, can cause you to feel insecure without it, sometimes require skill otherwise it looks tacky, costly, takes time and effort,

  • Advantages-makes you look better

    Disadvantages-you don’t look as good when you take it off
    It’s hard on your skin
    It’s a pain to take off

  • Pros:
    It covers acne and flaws.

    It can cause acne and wrinkles.


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