Girls, would she get bored of me if I?

Do girls my age (25 upwards) appreciate my collegian way of life aka dates that are cheap, but sentimental? Bowling, ice cream, picnics, hiking and the sort...You know the usual.

Or do they want more. I have a fear that she'll get bored of me!



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  • I prefer romantic dates like that. Low key, low pressure, and fun.

    Expensive dates should be for special occasions.

    • Would this romantic date be okay for a first date though? I wouldn't want to freak her out. Is there any simple date that's low key but not completely cliche, like the movies?

    • I would rather go on a picnic, a walk, or have a guy cook me a casual meal for a first date than go to an expensive clichee date like the movies.

      Picking out a movie to rent together is another fun cheap thing to do.

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  • Sounds more romantic to me...why spend the money and all if you are putting your heart and thoughtfulness into it? I am 35 and think this style of dating is SO much better than any other getting bored is not a possibility here. Keep your heart in it and she will be happy! If she isn't then find someone who will be happy about it!

    • Wow that's great insight. I appreciate your thoughts. It's nice to see a wise person contributing to my troubles. Thanks!

  • I honestly think that if she really likes you, if you plan it from the heart she'll appreciate it. An occasional pricey date may not hurt, but most of the time go for sweet an simple. Also, take into account her personality. Is she high maint or simple? Plan accordingly.

    • All systems are go! Hey do you have any simple date ideas that I could use as a first date? Nothing that freaks her out aka rose petals, candles and incense.

    • Sorry for the late response, I would go for maybe a picnic at a park or a day at the zoo. If a guy were to take me out to something simple I would also really like hiking (depends on how much of a nature enthusiast she is).

  • i think its cute. I wouldn't mind a burn cruise for a date. XD

    • Haha I have no idea what a burn cruise is, but it sounds fun. It's not gay is it?

    • um it deffanately means smoking a j while you go for a drive.

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