What are some fun games for teens to play?

after manhunt and while we are just hanging around we like to play games but truth or dare is getting old. any1 any suggestions?


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  • Are you kidding me? Truth or dare got old when I was like 8. What took you so long?


    Crash Bandicoot

    Spyro the Dragon


    Megaman Zero

    Mass Effect


    Kingdom Hearts

    ...and the list goes on. There are way too many great games to list.

    • Dude your a loser andwhy the hell wld a bunch of teenagers especially the girls want to play that

    • I'm a loser? You're the one playing truth or dare at 16. To answer your question, because they're fun. I can't help it if you have sh*tty taste in games.

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  • You could play never have I ever which a game where you sit in a circle and one person admits one thing that they have never done and if you have done it you have to take off a piece of clothing...so make sure to wear layers..unless your into nudity then wear as little as you want=] after the one admits it goes clockwise and everyone admits

    • THANKS a bunch we got really bored and were gonna play spin the bottle but realized there was 1 guy and 3 girlssss

    • Awkward....