Can you help me pick a costume for my friend for halloween?

A guy I'm friends with is always complaining I have too many clothes and I take too long to get ready when we go out and worry about my makeup too much and then I'm always adjusting my outfit and saying its too tight or my feet hurt or whatever.

But now is my turn for REVENGE. He's drunkenly agreed (with much coaxing from me) that he'll let me pick out a costume and he'll go out clubbing dressed as a woman on Halloween weekend. He said Friday and Saturday but I might just hold him to the one day. What do I make him wear though?
I'm looking for a proper costume for him not just a dress or skirt. Nurse is the best idea so far.


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  • Revenge lol. I'd let him get away with it. Too much hassle. He can buy your drinks instead and carry your shoes if your feet start to hurt.

    • He doesn't get away with it that easy!

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  • This isn't true, and you are probably a dude.. this same story has been on here a hundred times...


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