GaGers with bangs: do you like them?

And by bangs, I mean hair bangs. Just in case for some reason that wasn't clear!

When I was young I used to have bangs and essentially the girl's version of a bowl cut. I hated it with a burning passion, grew my hair out later, and never had bangs since. But now I'm thinking of getting them again because it might look cute.

So for those of you with bangs, do you like them? And does having bangs require more effort to style and such?


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  • they can look good for sure , not too often but sometimes they probably don't suit depending on shape of a face or length etc but most times they're fine.


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  • I also had the girl's version of a bowl cut as a very young child! Luckily, my parents hated it too and let it grow out. I got bangs again in high school, but unfortunately the look didn't suit me as well as it does others since I have a small forehead. Otherwise, I didn't notice a difference in styling and I did like them because they covered my forehead if I ever got a zit there (haha) and they were actually pretty easy to style. I had the thinner, wispier bangs that were cut to eye level (so they wouldn't be really short when curled) and curled them under with a flat iron. The only thing that was higher maintenance was that they needed frequent trimming, and I always did that myself and it was very easy. As someone who is always touching my hair, they got oily quickly from that, but not too bad.

    • Also, I forgot to add that if you want to grow them out, mine were pretty easy to grow out and did so pretty quickly. I'm sure that depends on the growth rate of your hair, along with the style you have, but it wasn't a bad process for me at all.

    • Thank you for all your information!😊

    • No problem, I hope it helped! :)

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  • I used to and I liked how it looked but in the end I regretted cutting my hair :/

    • Ugh why does it sound so risky😫

      I've been told by four people that I should do it but I'm so worried it'll turn out bad :/

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    • you must do it then 👐 💇

    • I may! Thanks!

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