Clothing tips wanted. Ladies, could you post some pictures of clothes you like on a guy?

I saved up money so I could buy a bunch of clothing at the same time. I need some tips.

I need clothing that:

- Casual stylish
- Can worn anywhere
- Looks manly and sexy
- Still gives it the idea that someone might be a successful business person.

Could you post some pictures of what you would like to see on a guy?


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  • It’s simple for me. I love when guys wear just a T-shirt and jeans. Bonus points if you also wear a baseball cap.

  • Medium blue denim, black jeans, grey sport shorts, blue denim shorts and white shorts. Basic tshirts like black grey white and printed tshirts. Polos, bomber jacket, biker jackets, flannels, sweatshirts and hoodies. Vans, converse, Stan Smith, camel ankle boots. I love the clean simple look on guys with neutral colors and not too much prints. Like white T-shirt grey shorts and black old skool vans. Or black jeans bomber jacket and some simple printed tshirts with white all star

  • I like express for men clothing


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