Which of these eyes do you consider the prettiest?

Personally, I've always likes blue eyes, but that's because I have brown. Most guys I know agree with me, saying blue is just 'prettier'.

But, I want opinions (:

Small Brown: link

Big Brown: link

Small Blue: link

Big Blue: link

All of them are off google, except for the small brown, which is me..so please don't be mean, haha.

  • Small brown
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  • Big brown
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  • Small blue
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  • Big blue
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i guess id say small brown , I think your eyes look the prettiest <3 , I have brown eyes and honestly I think they look more exotic and I've heard A LOT of guys say they like more exotic looking girls I mean look at alessandra ambrossio [ sp?] she is gorgeous and she has brown eyes


    i use to wish for my eyes to change colors [ theirs actually a condition where your eyess could randomly change colors overnight ! ] but now I'm proud of it we have so many beautiful girls with brown eyes like rima fakih [ ms usa] kim k. , alecia keys , paula patton , etc. if I had to pick my fav. after brown though it would be hazel since they can change from green-blue-brown , beautiful!


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What Guys Said 5

  • I actually prefer people with Heterochromia going from brown in the center to blue on the outside. It is unbelievably rare, but I just love eyes like that

    • An edit I forgot to put that my eyes are hazel with an Astrix shape on the entire pupil that is a dark yellow

    • Oh wow.

      My eyes are brown around my pupil, fading into green with a blue ring around the outside. No one has my color eyes and I always thought that was special, but I never knew it had a specific name or was rare

  • I like brown eyes. Especially dark brown eyes. It's much more cute to me. Blue eyes seem cold to me. But ultimately I don't care. As long as their overall appearance is attractive to me is all that matters.

  • Big blue then small brown.

    I personally love blue eyes, especially when in the right shade. But its not hat important

    • Hahah, boys! crushin' my ego :p I'm just kidding! buttttt I have to agree(: blue just seems better

  • I like hazel but out of your choices I like small brown then big brown

  • Nice smile. For eye pictures close up is better. Based on those pictures I'd have to say big blue.

    • I don't even prefer blue either. It's boring. Green, Grey, or Brown are better. One of my friends has the best brown eyes ever.

    • Blue isn't always boring. Mine are actually blue and gold. I think greyish blue is like amazingg. Small brown eyes are cuter then really big ones usually in my oppinion

    • I actually like big brown eyes. https://hphotos-snc3.fbcdn.net/hs531.snc3/30142_1298807756918_1432132705_30642587_674386_n.jpg

What Girls Said 4

  • Small brown.

    You're really pretty!

    I personally have small brown heehee,but I don't find blue to be all that attractive...i like looking at eyes but I don't really have a preference.Blue is so common in my opinion.

    If I'm going to go gaga over eye colors it would be gray.

    • Haha thankyou (: and I feel like blue is EVERYWHERE. Most women seem to have blue except for me, so I just notice it more

  • None. Green eyes are totally the prettiest. But I do prefer brown to blue.

  • ick I hate blue eyes if I could I'd trade you lol.

    but I think small brown or big brown is best

  • personally hazel but small brown out of your choices..