Do I really have to look at the past of a girl, and how frequently should I call a girl not to bore her?

studying in UK and met a girl in my country through my sister online. we like each other a lot. We talk, laugh ...and I enjoy every bit of my moment with her. we've been on for 2 months now. But, recently a friend of her (MALE) told me she has a dirty past and I shouldn't continue with the relationship...but my girlfriend denied all this...

again, she as no internet connectivity at home, so we communicate mostly on phone. I call her 3-4 times a day, just checking on her. She too calls but I call the most...I don't know, I hope it is save for me to continue with this rate of calling, cos I was told ladies get to play on a guy once they know the guy loves them...



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  • I think first of all, you shouldn't try to worry about the past - Maybe it happened but she is no longer like that . Maybe the guy had a relationship with her, or still has a thing for her and doesn't want you in the mix in one way or another.

    I have had some rough relationships and I have some trust issues when it comes to the opposite sex, but one thing I do know for sure is to believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.

    You have to think that you are in a relationship with this woman and if you want to love her unconditionally and give her all that you are, you have to trust her with all your heart or else it just isn't going to work.

    So to me you just have to dig deep and think to yourself, do I believe this girl when she tells me it's not true about her past. If you believe it then don't worry about what he "said" and just continue to look to the future.

    If you look at it and you don't believe her then you might as well end the relationship now cause it will not help the relationship at all if you have trust issues.

    About the whole calling issue - I would say it all depends on the girl really - I know females that would much rather text then talk on the phone and vice verse. I would say the only real thing to do is just simply ask her if you are calling to much and what does she prefer ya know.

    Hope it all works out for you and good luck. =)

    • @i am speechless...what can I say to you Hitby the truth......Thank you so much.....I was thinking in that direction also, but this so called informant gave me very dirty reasons not to continue with the relationship.....I guess I will stick to your words ...'believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see"....we all have our past.....I think. once again thanks!!!!!!!!

    • =) No problem, glad I could help -

    • Great answer!

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  • I think tht friend of hers is trying to drive you away because he wants her for himself .. Why else would he tell you to end things with her .. Just think abt it.. He barely knws you and why would he bother helping a stranger if it wasn't for his own personal gain.. And not all women are the way you think they are.. Just do what you feel is right.. Why don't you just ask her how she feels abt you callin so frequently.. Maybe she has something to say .. Women like to be asked their opinion on things .. It will show that you care and are considerate of her time and space as well ..

  • There's nothing wrong if that's how many times you want to call her. Personally I wouldn't want a guy to call me 3/4 times in one day purely because I have am usually busy with other things two calls max for me and them you can text in between.

    About her past you shouldn't pass judgement about what someone else has said, your sister introduced you so talk to her about it or alternatively find out more details from your friend and establish why he is saying this.

    • Thank you cutieuk........this is my first reply on this site.......and I really appreciate the way you answered .....thanks!!

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