Guys what do you like better?

curly hair vs straight hair

skinny vs average

tall vs short


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  • don't listen to the azzhole725, only young boys prefer skinny girls. Curvy means femininity, and big t*ts is a plus, big butts too. So average is best.

    Straight hair is always classy and can't go out of style, I'd want either that or leaving it as natural as it is, artificial curly is the trashiest look ever and belongs to the 80's. People with naturally harshly curly hair tend to use painful chemicals to straighten their hair up, so leave your hair alone if it was silky, please. Also, if you were not that tall (under 5'4'') then always have shorter hair cuts, mid length hair to long only works on really tall girls, but they would still look prettier with shorter haircuts.

    About tall and short girls, guys don't care about girls' heights at all, not quarter as much as girls do about guys heights. But very short or very tall girls are usually less lucky getting a partner. Girls that get the most guys are between 5'2'' and 5'6'', that's what I've seen. Girls less that 4'11'' and taller than 6'0'' are the ones having trouble, but personally, I'd want a girl a little bit taller than me (just a personal fetish that is rare). Most guys want shorter girls.

    A recipe for ultimate attractiveness: think about all your features and believe firmly that you're so wonderful just the way you are, deal with everybody based on this idea.

    • Thank you,, but I have super curly hair. and it seems like all guys want is straight hair... and if I straighten my hair it takes 2hours,, so should I still try to straighten it everyday??

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    • I see skinny people everyday,I can easily name over 10 people I know who are skinny.I see guys with stick thin girls all of the time.I never see guys with curvy girls haha.

    • It's all about the media, we think we achieved something when we get someone that looks like that actress in some crappy movie... but in real life we realize we need a little bigger proper-looking woman rather than a doll ;) and don't forget, all women add some weight when they have children. The point is, it's really really wrong to make ALL girls turn skinny and have orange faces only cause someone said that's the trend, if everybody looked alike, then we should run to mars lol

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  • Tall skinny girl with straight hair with average boobs and a perky butt.

    • Sounds like a model lol

    • Why not reach for the stars?

    • Wow that's rude, some people can't help the fact that there short with no ass or boobs.. like me for example

  • Curly



  • 1) Depends

    2) 3/4 skinny 1/4 average

    3) I don't care. I've never met a girl taller than me.


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  • N/ you really think guys look at hair?I mean so long as it is tamed.



    • Actually they do, they might not realize it but they do.. I get more looks when I do something with my hair than when I just brush it out

    • I see it, but I don't care.

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