Wearing a hat makes someone less relatable?

I was talking to a friend of mine, his fiancé is a psychologist, and she apparently told him that hats detract from someone's looks and overall relatability. So then tonight when I had a hat on, my friend told me this and that I looked more handsome without the hat on anyway. Guess I never thought about this?

What do you ladies think of a guy wearing a hat vs one that doesn't?


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  • Personally, I like it, depending on if they look good in the hat.

    I don't find them less relatable, though. I actually use that as a conversation starter? We talk about the hat, and conversation extends from there.

    Some people just don't look good in hats.

  • It does not matter to me I think he handsome either way

  • I loooove a baseball cap on a guy


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