How do you know if you have a good looking face?

Tbh I don't want to post a picture on here. What makes a good looking face? (Guy or girl)


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  • a smile!

    seriously, if a guy smiles a lot, they definitly have my interest! I love a guy with a pretty smile!


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  • I totally think it depends on what they find attractive. No mathmatical theory involved :)


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  • There is a mathematical theory called the Golden ratio that is based on Fibonnaci Numbers. This ratio demonstrates that a beautiful face is proportional. If you google attractive faces, you often find people who have thin faces and proportional parts.

    • Haha thanks for the sarcasm. I just see a lot of people that say you should have a good looking face. I guess there's not clean-cut picture of a good looking face

    • It's not sarcasm. There's an actual system called the Golden ratio. For once I am not lying. More surprising is most people end up in a relationship with someone who has the same level of attraction as they do.

    • Wow I did google it and you're right. My mistake sir.

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