Girls do you realise that freckels are cute?

  • Girls do you realise that freckels are cute??No, i hide them using makeup.
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  • Somewhat cute.
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  • Girls do you realise that freckels are cute??Yes, i love them 😇.
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  • I have them, but I don't wear any kind of make up to cover them, or in general. I used to hate my freckles. They were a lot more prominent when I was younger, but now they're a bit more faded and tolerable, so I don't mind 'em so much anymore. I get compliments on them pretty frequently too, so I know at least *some* people think they're cute.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Depends on the girl some look good others like one in picture look like someone sharted a couple feet away from her face


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  • What's the current poll status if nyone has voted. Coz I have no idea what it is. Nd my country don't have it.

    I don't wanna vote on either, as it's all society views. I would prefer to go with society.
    Both physically nd phycologically.


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