How do you get over being 21 and have never done anything with a girl?

I've never dated, cuddled, anything. It's so depressing. Is there anyway to get over it?

I have confidence/self-esteem issues and ideas on how to help with those so I can be more open to talk to girls? Besides just sucking it up and doing it. lol


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  • Dude ! You are not alone. I am 27, straight and a super virgin. I have never touched a girl, neither kissed/hugged/ and sex is a far cry. And I am still happy although my peers laugh at me constantly. Why is this bothering you ?

    I don't drink, smoke and I never did. I don't even visit bars/clubs/discos or strip clubs.You might not have experienced the "ultimate" pleasure of life but there is nothing to feel bad about it. Why to live with the guilt that you are still a virgin ?

    You will no longer be a virgin when you reach my age.


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  • Considering I'm 16 and I choose to not date,I don't think I can truly help.

    I personally see nothing wrong with that.Again,that is my perspective,I'm speaking for myself.

    I mean,dating for some people isn't as easy as some may make it seem.

    Maybe you just have to put yourself out there.Make yourself vulnerable to rejection(which will hurt) or acceptance.

    You say it's so depressing and I'm truly hoping you don't walk around acting all depressed because...then that shows lack of confidence and girls will run away from a guy with no confidence.

    • Not necessarily. They ran away from me, and I had tons of confidence.

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    • Well those girls are stupid and whatever dude haha.

    • Well of course they are. That goes without saying. They are girls after all.

  • get your friend to set you up on a blind date or try finding someone online then take them a date and take it slow and go from there = )

    • I tried online and sadly my friends won't help with that. I tried to get their help.

    • Well try looking around go to bars and clubs I bet thereare a lot of single girls there

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  • Starting to do all of the things above? No offense man, I understand if you actually enjoy your life style-but that's kind of sad mate.

    • Yeah but I need a girl to like me to start doing that and they don't.

  • With time my friend, with time.

    The best thing you can do now is focus on what you like about life, and know how to be happy with yourself.

    That's the best thing you can do to enable all these other things to develop, in any case.

  • Dying.

    • Lol Thought about it. Don't feel like it.

    • Good on you! God I hate people who really do "feel like dying" and don't do it. I would kill myself if I felt like it, but I don't feel like it, so I will live.

      Anyways, acceptance comes eventually. It takes some longer than most. What you can do to speed up the process I have no idea. Sorry man.