Show us your bra?

Ladies, let's see your sexiest bra. Tell us why you love it, what size it is, what style and where you got it.


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  • Can't really show you my bra, but my favorite one is one that I got from Wish. It's a push-up that in my opinion does a WAY better job and has better support than the ones from VS. The cups are a bit oddly shaped though. I hope that they last long though!

    • Why can't you show?

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    • Thank you as well, but at this time I want to politely decline your request.

    • Understandable. Again, thank you for your time.

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  • Yeah, this is totally going to work dude. I'm sure every girl is going to read this question and go run to put on their favorite bra so they model it for you on here.


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  • Good luck dude. But its not gonna work


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