Hair Color Rinse Question?

What does a rinse do exactly?

I have off black/very dark brown hair so would a color rinse even show up in my hair? I heard that rinses can't lighten your hair so are they only for people with light colored hair? Because I would really like to have medium brown hair


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  • Rinses are for toning and correcting colour. If you have very dark hair its unlikely it will show up at all.

    The only way to lighten your hair is to use either bleach or a permanent colour. By adding permanent colour you can probably go about 3 shades lighter, with bleach obviously you can go a lot more. But seeing how you only want to lift your hair a few shades I would reccommend a permanent colour.

    Don't for god sakes go to the chemist and think you can do this yourself. Speaking as an ex stylist, I'm biased anyway, but shop colours aren't the same as salon ones and don't give the same results.

    Personally I would reccommend that you go for a mix of highlights and lowlights and just start with a T section and see how you like it. Maybe put some lovely copper tones in for highlights and some rich coffee tones in for low lights so you get this lovely shimmering effect in your hair.

    Pop in and see your stylist and ask to see their colour charts, they'll be more than happy to advise you.


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  • lemon jucie and sun will lighten your hair ... heck SUN will ...

    Getting Highlights would work too ...

    I use a semi permi. On my hair so its goes from being BLonde and brown to Red and brown.

    Um Things with PreOxide Will lighten your hair,

    You Could go to Sally beauty and buy a Weak Bleach, and a hair dye, Like If you wanted chest nut hair

    Put the beach on, use heat like a hair dyer and then check it often ( Once I had White hair) apply Tips to roots, and leave a bit of hair un dyed ( Its better for your hair) Bleach works better with HEAT, I wrap my hair in TIn foil and heat it up with a blow dryer ... but I normally go from almost black hair to brown with colors like red in mine.

    If You do Go lighter Your hair more then likly be a orange color, but if you buy Dye that is safe to bleach and then dry, then dye its not a big deal.

    The Dye Is the important part.

  • No,a person with dark colored hair can use a rinse.

    In my opinion,it doesn't do much,unless your hair is very dull,all it does is enhance the color,not change it.

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