Is it a big turn on when a girl goes from cute to HOT!

my best friend is the nicest girl you could ever meet and so kind to everyone and everybody adores her. she is pretty shy and not confident and can't see how gorgeous she is anyway she has always been a little bit chubby and I think that held her back a lot but she has been overseas for the last 5 months and since she has come back she has lost a lot of weight and she is looking gorgeous and is so much more confident and all the guys that loved her as a friend before seem to want a lot more then friendship from her now. which is awesome and I'm so happy for her but I was just wondering is that a big turn on for a guy cause I can't get over the amount of attention she gets now from guys who didn't give her much before. she's still shy and really nice and I think that along with her looking a lot more attractive and how innocent she is seems to be a big turn on for a lot of guys. is it a big turn on when a girl goes from chubby and cute to looking hot?


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