Girls, how much is too much in terms of how a man dresses?

I loooooooooooooooove shoes. I love stylish clothes, watches, cool wallets, nice belts, sunglasses, expensive everything (that I can't afford lol.)

I feel weird wearing them to say... college. Or just about anywhere really. I feel over dressed if I really go all out with what I would want to wear. It's not like I want to wear suits all day. My style is pretty simple for the most part. It's the best parts like boots and watches and sunglasses that I love that I am hesitant to wear.

Honestly I'm afraid of looking like a giant douchebag for wanting to look good, especially since I never could when I was younger because we were poor as hell and homeless many times growing up. That and I've gotten fit and lost 70lbs and want to look good in my clothes for once. Now I want to be free but I'm so used to looking like crap that all of this is just a tad bit scary lol.

What do you think?


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  • There are definitely people who are well-dressed and humble. It’s more a matter of not treating everyone else like shit because they don’t have designer everything. Manners maketh man, not Armani.

    • Oh damn. I treat everyone respectfully, that's just how I am lol. That's horrible if people think they can do that just because they have nice things. I work fast food right now and I see a lot of rich people acting like assholes on a daily basis lol.

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    • Lol, I feel like rich people are weak in a way. Anyone who lords over others with what they have is weak in my eyes.

    • I think it’s insecurity. On some level, they know that they don’t deserve the things they have because they never had to earn anything.

  • Nothing wrong with being stylish


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