How to make dark circles under the eyes to go away?

I have had it for many years but that was because I had huge sleeping problems. But now I actually sleep better and longer.

No one else in my family has got it, so it doesn't run in the family and I never sunbathe, because I can't stand the heat.

I have tried eye products, teabags and other silly things but without success of course.

I have used concealer every day for 5 years or so now, it doesn't even cover that good because you can still see the dark brownish/bluish circles and you can also see a blue vein.

Really pretty, eh? :(

I look scary.. x.x and I need help :/


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  • I had dark circles under my eyes too! I mean I still get them every once in a while, but I found that when I get a really good nights sleep and I wake up gradually, like I don't jump out of bed and put makeup on right away, that they are lighter and can easily be covered with foundation.

    Cool facial washes, and cucumbers work wonders too.

    My skin is very thin so you can see my veins too.

    Try mostrizing too!

    MAC cosmetics has facial primers and eye makeup primers, if you still have problems.

    That's all I can think of, and I've tried it all, I know everyone is different but most seemed to work wonders. :)


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  • If you have really bad dark circles then a normal concealer probably won't cut it. It's kind of splurge for some people but try Yves Saint Laurent - Touche Eclat, which is about $40. Me and my mom use it all the time, and even though we don't have darkness under our eyes, it still lightens it up A LOT. I even read a review that said it brightens the under eyes so much that it's like the equivalent of an 8 hour sleep (looks wise). Best of luck. (:

    • I would reccommend touche eclat as well. Try shopping around online for it as you can get it cheaper than what it retails for on the high street. I love the stuff, its great for making your lips look bigger and making your nose look smaller too if you apply in the right spots. Its fantastic stuff.

  • Hii, I've just found this girl on YouTube who has natural remedies for dark eye circles and other things check her out... (it's not me lol) her user name is AllNatural28 in case the link doesn't wrk good luck xx

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