I dont understand very much! I like this bad boy and in some days he shows affection and other days he shows something else. Can somebody help me?

Like I said, I like this bad boy in my school and sometimes he shows affection and sometimes he doesn't so Im just confused. I dont want to get my hopes up that he'll like a girl like me.

And many of my friends (or at least the people I trust with this secret) tell me to not like him cause he'll break my heart. But im that kind of person that doesn't listen to rumors and go and gives it a shot.

He is popular and known in the school for his actions. Me, Im known as the goodie two shoes and sister to this girl. Some people even say that they prefer my sister than me.

Anyway back to my feelings, I like reading stories about a bad guy that falls for the good girl but I know its just a story. Can somebody please help me?


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  • Yes bad boy have anger charmimg for someone I agree, but for real I not recomment how he can be leader, maybe he can but its may take time for him about do from right to wrong. 🙄


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  • He will break your heart. I have dozens of friends that make this mistake constantly. It's a thrill and who doesn't like doing what they shouldn't. But is some dude worth the drama that comes with them? The fact that you say bad boy you should already know that means player.

  • Immature women, like immature men


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