Is saying "my sister is cute" bad?

Was out with my girlfriend and a bunch of mixed friends for dinner and drinks the other night. About midway (tipsy, but not drunk) through the evening something came up about looks. Anyhow I said something along the lines of "I always thought Sarah (my sister) was really good looking." My girlfriend (who in retrospect I should have said) instantly agreed with me and said "yeah Sarah is cute".

But... The rest of the mixed crowd were, well, mixed. Some didn't seem to have a reaction, others looked like I just admitted to killing small kittens.

So the question is.

1) If you have a sibling, could you comment on their looks?

2) If that comment was flattery, would you feel weird?

3) Would you think others would find it odd?


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  • I reckon they're reading into an innocent comment too much and over reacting. I think my brother is good looking, doesn't mean I want him :P

    I think as long as you don't come across like you want to be with her, it's fine to compliment someone in your family.


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