Girls that wear either of these and have, do you?

Be honest girls. All you girls that either wear super tight jeans or black leggings, if you've had playboy guys try to be smooth on you by ignoring your booty and upper legs so you won't notice and have had ones that can't and their jaw just drops in defeat, do you ever do any of these after you get home that day, thinking about how easily you won against a player, to prepare to win against the rest who try it on you?
  • I'm not 1 of these girls/I am, but don't try any of these or think any of these/I am and have had players try that on me but I haven't won against them/I am and have, but used something different
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  • Yep. check my weight on the scale, reminding myself to either gain a few lbs or stay the weight I am now
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  • Yep. check my booty and upper legs in the mirror in tight jeans, making a note to wear em a lot more often
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  • Yep. check my booty and upper legs in the mirror in black leggings, reminding myself to wear em more often
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  • Yep. pose in front of the mirror, hip out, hand on my hip in tight jeans. that worked on him easily so I wanted to check it myself
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  • Yep. checked my hip out, hand on my hip pose in my black leggings in the mirror because it easily got him
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  • Yep. I checked my weight on the scale, thought about losing a few lbs.
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What Girls Said 3

  • ... what?

    If you're asking if I've seen guys look at my ass yeah, but I ignore it.

  • Yeah I wear those sometimes.

  • Ah I can always count on you for these legging questions to be consistent


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