Are boyfriend jeans okay to wear?

I have quite thick thighs and I usually wear size 33US (pants/jeans) so would boyfriend jeans fit me well?


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  • I have thick thighs too and i always liked most boyfriend jeans on me. They were still a bit tight on my thighs though. If i got the right size to be loose on my thighs they wouldn't have fit my waist

    • Well I just want them to look good on me

    • I liked how they looked on me. I think they are way cute and im sure they would look good on you as well

  • You could post a picture -.-
    As long you like the way you look and feel it's okay

  • Yes they are ok to wear I wear my husbands he pikes it he wear a 34

    • Lol "boyfriend jeans" are a kind of jeans lol I didn't mean wearing my boyfriend's pants

    • Oh OK yeah I have those jeans they are very comfy too lmaooooo.

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