What tattoo should I get?

My family is strict and doesn't want me to have any piercing or tattoo but I m looking forward to have a tattoo soon on my birthday. But what/where should I get so that I can hide it from them and not get my ass kicked?
P. s. It will be my first tattoo so how much will be the pain ranging from 1-10. 1 be the lowest and 10 the highest.


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  • They're permanent so just get something that you like, something that means something to you.

    As to where to get it, think of places that you can easily cover. If you wear a lot of t-shirts then avoid your arms but somewhere on your back might be okay. After that, you just have to make sure your family doesn't see you changing your shirt or swimming or whatever.


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  • get it below your belly button and above your vagina


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  • Anywhere that basic clothes cover. Ribs, back, leg?
    Pain ranges depending on where and your tolerance


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