Guys, do you mind if girls put lipstick on in public?

Is this attractive, unattractive, or are you entirely indifferent? I wear lipstick, but I often need to reapply and I can't get to a bathroom. Just wondering if this bothers anyone.

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  • As long as you do not make the smacking noises after it has been applied.


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  • No I hate it personally I just can't stand girl's who wear any makeup at all because if your that self-conscious about your looks then you should be put some place where people can't see you.

    • What about if she was in a car accident and wound up with permanent scars on her face. Would you still want an all natural look then?

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    • I'm not self-conscience about my looks, whatsoever. In fact, quite the opposite. I like to wear just a little bit of makeup, but there are days that I go to work without makeup on. Though those days are rare, because I'm in a professional atmosphere. I dress conservatively with vintage flair, so lipstick just compliments the outfit, it doesn't define me as a person. Thanks for the judgmental answer though.

    • Yea sure no problem

  • depends on the color and how you apply it. Now if you choose a color that's rediculous, stands out. and you apply it waaay off the lines then it would be pretty unattractive..

  • I honestly don't care.

    Just don't do it in an obnoxious manner


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