Do they go together? Or wht is ur opinion about me? " my wearing style"?

I wannt to know what others think or say about my wearings?
Girls , do like this kind of wearing? What makes a boy attrctive to you? Expect his parfum lol " i put clavin klein one "
Do they go together ? Or wht is ur opinion about me ? " my wearing style"?


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  • I don't particularly like the shoes, everything else looks great


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  • Just off the bat.. I'm straight so please don't take this the wrong way.. You look fine mate. Personally, I'm not a fan of the shoe, but they are more than acceptable by the new culture of fashion. What country are you from? I'm guessing Eastern European?

    • Thnks bro
      Nope, am north African, am Tunisian 😄😄

    • Oh cool. I was way off.. If I am to be perfect honest, I make fun of most people that wear what you have on.. BUT.. That is only because it is the new fashion culture now that I will never understand. Put it this way bro, as long as you feel like you have style when you go out or hang with mates - Then roll with it because that's all you mate

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