What should I wear to my date with the guy of my dreams!!!

i have a date with the guy of my dreams in a few days. were going out to a movie and possibly dinner. I wanna look sweet,classy but fun and flirty at the same time. I want to look nice but I don't wanna look to over dressed. any ideas? on outfit,shoes,hair,makeup? thank you so much!


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  • its such a hard thing to gauge... just know where you are going and dress appropriately for the theater and restaurant you attend.

    tonight, I went out with a girl I really liked. I planned to go to a local mexican restaurant, and then go down to my land to do some big fireworks. I dressed nice, but casual at the same time... my date dressed up so nice, I felt ashamed when she answered the door. the whole night was supposed to be a surprise. so I wound up taking her to a really nice restaurant, and then we did various other romantic things.

    so, all I can say is make sure you know where you are going.

    • We are going to dinner and dinner at a casual reseraunt.. what would you want your date to wear?

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  • I agree with the second guy if its casual then just wear casual. But if your looking for guy to be specific on what to wear your asking the wrong gender. I'll tell you this if you dress to the point that you think you look beautiful he will think so too. oh and keep the pink hair, I like it to lol.

  • Hmm so you predicted us 3 months ahead of time. You can where whatever you want. I'd prefer nothing. ;)

  • For starters, ditch the pink hair


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  • It's probably kind of late for the outfit ideas but how'd the date go?! :)

    • Haha great I think.. but ha ha wasn't for me my cousin was on here and she wanted to know.. lol :)

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