Girls, I need some good hair advice?

I have naturally curly hair that is at my nipple line (not to mention, super thick). I wanted long hair again for years after cutting it. I could never get it past medium length until I started taking proper care of it (i. e. using heat rarely) and it actually started to grow. Problem is, now that it's getting long, I'm stuck asking myself, "Why did I want this?" It takes hours and hours to dry and I feel like I just have this think, unmanageable mop on my head. My goal was always to have my hair past my boobs. I'm getting married next year, which was one of the main reasons I wanted to grow it. I tell myself I need to keep it long because it's what is sexiest and that if I don't have it long when I'm young, I'll regret it when I'm old and can't grow long hair anymore. It's funny that my fiance actually likes the shorter cuts I show him (even though he LOVES my hair. Any thoughts girls?

P. S. thanks for reading and responding <3


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  • Ugh yes I hear you. I love my long hair but I hate that it takes hours to dry!

    My advice, just because you worked so hard to get your hair where it is now, is to see if you can learn to love it. Maybe add some layers or bangs or just learn new ways to style it every day. And if you try that and it's still not worth it, then you can cut it with a clear conscience.

  • I have long hair and I love it. Does take a long time to dry and brush out, though.

  • Your hair sounds amazing


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