What kind of makeup does a guy prefer? 18 & under

1. smokey eye

2. neutral and natural

3. a little eyeliner and mascara

4. colorful


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  • When a girl wears make-up,she's called fake and said to be falsely advertising.

    When a girl doesn't wear make-up,she is said to not take care of herself,her appearance or what she looks like.

    Guys say they want "natural" and dislike make-up,but that is because they've clearly never seen a natural woman in real life.They see women in magazines and assume all women have clear,flawless skin.When in reality,most women suffer from at least one of the following:rosacea,acne,large pores,uneven skin tone,wrinkles,blemishes,blackheads,redness,oiliness,dryness,under eye circles,puffiness,stretch marks,cellulite etc.When these are exposed,the women are told to cover up and that they do not take care of themselves.Some women have multiple combinations of these.

    They think all women are 100% tight,fit and toned.Spanx anyone?

    They think all women have long,lush,full healthy hair.Extensions,weaves,tracks?Ever heard of that?Of course when a woman in a magazine wears such,you hear no complaints from men,but on this site,everything is just against women trying to feel good about themselves.

    They don't realize,the women in reality do not compare to women in magazines that they drools over.

    There was one girl on here who said that many of the guys on here are young and inexperienced,those are the ones claiming to like "natural" where as the older and more experienced guys do not say such things or judge women by their make-up or accessories.

    I copied and pasted this,it is my answer.

    ADD:guys say they like natural,but what they say isn't exactly what they go for nor does it show in society.

    If you wear make-up,wear it for you and yourself,not for anybody else


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