He asked if I was cold then... nothing.

Lol. I was always under the impression that when a man asked if you were cold it was because he wanted to put his arm around you. But apparently not? Why even bring it up? Needless to say me and my sweater got really well acquainted at the movies last night.


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  • Perhaps your nipples were showing through your clothes rather obviously.

    • Lol they weren't, I had on damn good bra.

    • Oh also the reason he asked me to begin with was because I was pulling my sweater out of my bag. Then he asked if I was cold and I said yes. Then... nada. Grrrrr

    • If you're already wearing a sweater the arm is a bit redundant.

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  • he was scared to make the next move, next time joke that it's OK if he wants to put his arms around you won't bite him.either he'll get the hint or he won't

  • maybe he was just curious


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