I have a makeup problem and I'm not sure how to fix it?

i don't wear much makeup at all. a bit of foundation, primer, concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara is all i need because I'm very pale and have extremely sensitive skin

but here's my problem, i wear contacts. for years me, wearing makeup with contacts causes so much pain within 5 - 10 minutes of putting it on to the point go my eyes were bloodshot red and i have to take it all off which makes it useless or go the whole day with painful burning eye aches

awhile ago i put makeup on without my contacts in, and i could go the entire day without my eyes hurting even once. i was really surprised (1. cuz i could actually wear makeup painlessly, and 2. that i never thought to put it on before my contacts in my life; stupid me)

as soon as i put my contacts in, my eyes instantly started burning. i took them out and waited a few minutes, and they didn't burn anymore

so my problem is that my contacts are causing me majour pain with wearing makeup. now a normal person would tell me to just wear glasses, but i don't have any and haven't had glasses for like 5 years because they were another hassle to deal with

how can i fix this OTHER than getting glasses? i still want to wear contacts because where i live, in winter its a pain to wear glasses (fogging up and getting smeary from the very cold Canadian winter weather)

is it how I'm putting my contacts in? is it the brand of contacts I'm using? is it how I'm putting my makeup on (usually very gently)? any ideas? would appreciate it a lot if somebody could help me solve this annoying issue I've been having for years


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  • *i don't wear much makeup at all. a bit of foundation, primer, concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara is all i need *


    • Well if you’re wearing all those things in small quantities it’s really not a lot.

    • ok listen here, i barely put any of those on my face. gtfo

    • That’s really not much Makeup. Basic makeup components 👌🏻

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  • 1. Get laser eye surgery or...
    2. Try switching the brand of contacts and see if there is any improvement. You may also try updating or switching your prescription... if that fails...
    3. Make absolutely certain your hands are clean of all products before putting contacts in... if that fails...
    4. Make sure you are actually taking care of your lenses and making sure you aren't allowing them to dry out or come in contact with other products on the way in or out of your eyes that may lead to eye infections... if that fails...
    5. Make an eye appointment and make sure you don't have an eye infection or other eye abnormality that may be causing you pain... if that fails...
    6. Change one make-up product at a time to something else. You'll need to do this systematically because if you change all of them, you won't know what works and what doesn't in terms of stopping the irritation.

    • i can't get laser eye surgery

      i can't switch my brand of contacts because i have 8 months left of 30 - day contacts and they costed me over $100

      my hands are always clean before i apply any makeup and put my contacts in. i also take care of my contacts very well because i dont need to have them go to waste

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    • But, do you think the optometrist would allow me to exchange my 8 months of contacts to a different brand without charging me anything? I’m not quite sure if they would allow that

    • You will never know unless you try. Your doctor may be able to even advocate with the company or insurance and what not, to get your contacts changed if s/he can prove that the ones you have are damaging or hurting your eyes.

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  • If you suck some penis it will solve your problem, just make sure you swallow or it won't help 😀

    • How tf is that gonna help my eyes?

    • The protein in the semen reacts with something or some shit... just do it 😀

    • I’m not sucking a random guy’s dick for no reason

  • Is that all the makeup you wear!!!

    • yes because i have sensitive skin and putting too much on would irritate it. plus it wouldn't look natural because i have very pale skin as well

    • Honestly if you watched a makeup video and seen what goes into a woman's look primer, foundation, concelor, highlighter, bronzer, contour stick, lipstick, mascara, eyeshadkw, eye liner and maybe a couple different colors or products of the same type.

    • I was being sarcastic lol
      I thought that was a long list of makeup 😂

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  • Maybe try a different contact solution. It sounds like the solution you're using is causing a chemical reaction with your mascara or eye liner. You could try a different mascara or eye liner too. But that's all I can think of.

    • i have hypoallergenic mascara and eyeliner so they shouldn't bother me. i do think it's something to do with my contacts because rn i dont have any makeup on and my contacts have been burning and stinging my eyes for the past few hours

  • To be fair all those products regardless of amount are more that "not that much makeup." It honestly sounds like you contacts not you makeup & contact combo unless your getting foundation on your contacts while you put them in I doubt any of that would affect your contacts. Maybe try a new brand or look into whether it's your contact solution causing issues.

    • ok i know i mentioned quite a few products. but just because i mentioned quite a few products, doesn't mean i put a ton of each on. i put the bare minimum of each product i listed on my face

      and no i dont get foundation in/on my contacts

    • I did say regardless of the amount you use of each that's still a bunch on makeup lol if you use more than 1 or 2 products it's not barely any makeup regardless of you looking like you aren't wearing makeup it wasn't a read just pointing out the obvious.

  • I think you should get different contacts I have a feeling its the brand!

    • i do too. I've heard some people have allergic reactions to silicone and my contacts are made from 100% silicone. i'm also thinking its my contacts because i have no makeup on rn, but i have my contacts in, and they're already burning and stinging my eyes badly

      but since i have 8 months left of 30 - day contacts, i can't just throw them out because they costed over $100 since i bought a year at once cuz of health insurance and coverage. so, till these 8 months go by, what could i do? try switching my solution? or would that be useless as well?

  • It's probably the flakes of mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow falling into your contacts somehow. So avoid using that makeup, or find a different brand. Or at least put it on very lightly

    • I do put it on very lightly because I can’t stand having a lot on or feeling the pressure of it on my eyes when applying it harshly

  • First make sure you use daily contacts. They are more expensive, but sooo much better and don't dry out your eyes so bad. Acuvue oasis dailies are the best in my opinion. The next thing you need to do is make sure you put your contacts in BEFORE putting on any makeup. That makes the world of difference. And the last thing is avoid cheaper irritating makeup.

    If nothing else make sure all of your eye makeup isn't cheap and irritating. The cheaper brands put tons of chemicals and even soap in their formula believe it or not so naturally it will burn. I would suggest bobbi brown eye shadows and Chantecaille mascara.

    The mascara is expensive, but it lasts much longer than other brands and it is the best for sensitive eyes. If you do nothing else expensive than do the mascara. It will be a night and day difference as far as irritation goes. I've used cheaper brands like benefits and urban decay and all they did was burn and irritate my eyes

    • The dailies are also important, bc the reusable contacts can get makeup stuck to them and they are much dryer on day two than they are on day one. They only get drier as the days go on

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    • Ahh yah that makes sense. But for daily contacts, are they more expensive than 30 day contacts? I find with these 30 day ones they’re fine for the first few days, but then the rest of the time left with them is just horrible. I’m wondering if I could switch my 8 months left of 30 day contacts to daily use contacts without needing to pay a bunch of extra money. Do you think that would work?

    • I couldn't say for sure bc I don't know ur prescription or whatever. Maybe you could call your doctor and say your eyes are a bit irritated so you would like to try the dailies. Most of the time they will give you samples to try before changing the rx. I would definitely try them for a week frist before committing to the change just to make sure u like them.

  • Let see you are beautiful for who you are so just because you can't put on make up cuz of your eyes do not let that bother you go with out make up It ok... I believe people who wear makeup are fake under there face cuz the make up covers the beauty that they were created..
    So the answer is stop putting on make up and ignore negative. But keep positive

    • i will never stop putting it on because when i dont, im the ugliest person in the world. not just exaggerating this because it's true. plus, i have an insane amount of insecurities, extremely low self esteem, and extremely low self confidence. so, if i can't wear makeup, i basically won't do any kind of social interaction because then all my insecurities take over and i end up having anxiety attacks...

  • Would be good to know if you do your makeup before putting your contacts in, or after you've already put them in.

    Maybe you should try using black eyeshadow instead of eye liner, which would have the disadvantage that you wouldn't be able to "cat-eye" yourself but other than that it is a good alternative.

    I presume you already tried going without mascara? Could be a reason...

    Ah i am no expert but as far as i know you always drop a little "moisturizer"in your contacts before putting them in, or so do some of my friends 🤔

    You should watch out for makeup specifically made for use with contacts.
    Maybe you have to dig around in your local store but there is a high possibility they have something like that.
    Normally the makeup bases for use with contacts are together with the cheap contacts you can buy at drug stores.

    I hope something of the above is useful for you 😀

    • i put my contacts in first because putting them in last seems difficult to not smudge and smear mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner

      yes i did try going without mascara, but that made no difference

      if i can't find makeup made specifically for contacts, what else could i do? would changing solution help? i can't change my brand of contacts because i have 8 months of 30 - day contacts left and they costed me over $100 so i can't just throw them out

  • Firstly, try a different contact solution.
    Something geared towards those with sensitive eyes.

    You should definitely start saving for iLasik. I’m getting it soon & I’m unbelievably excited! ☺️☺️

    • iLasik? Is that laser eye surgery? And I wouldn’t have to save up for it since it’d all be covered by healthcare. I’m considering that later in the future because I’m a very busy person with school, sports, a job, and many other things that I wouldn’t really have time to get it done

    • iLasik is even better than Lasik. You can go back to your activities in a day. It’s between $4000-$5000 for both eyes

      It’s pretty amazing investment 👍🏻

    • I’ve never heard of that. And if you’re in america, that’s probably why it costs that much. Here in Canada it would be covered by health care and insurance

      Do you know anybody who got it done?

      Also I’m not even sure if iLasik is available in Canada

  • This sounds like a problem either with your kind of contacts or your kind of makeup. If your contacts only hurt with makeup, then you might be allergic to that makeup. If your contacts hurt without makeup, then it's problem with the contacts.

    • My eyes will hurt without makeup on. They’ll burn and sting to the point of watering and this makes me look like I’m crying even though I’m not

  • I think it's probably be the brand. I've had contacts since I was 13 and never had this problem with makeup. You could be getting makeup in your eye somehow causing it to irritate.

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