Looking forward to having a white girl in my life - any advice?

I'm a very attractive blk male looking forward to getting a white girl but sometimes I get confused about what to say to them or how to make the first move. Do I need direct eye contact from that person to get something started. Anyone with advice or any suggestions please help me, what do I need to do, where to start?


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  • just act like yourself. be polite and respectful, if she's polite and respectful, if she's a slut, then treat her like a slut? it doesn't matter what color she is, every girl is different, white or black. treat her like a lady.

    i'm black and white, so race isn't a big thing for me, but I see how it is on both sides, and everyone is different.


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  • Treat her like you'd treat any other girl...

    Race shouldn't matter


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  • First things first...You're going to have to like mayonnaise

  • dam son it seems we got tha same ambition at least they not that hard to get down with and I don't

    mean sex fool but they seem most friendly or maybe blacks just don like the nigga anyway I am just thinking of exploring other races but we don't have many here

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