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hi everyone, what kind of outfits do you think look good on girls with an hourglass body shape? Please share, everything I wear makes me look too fancy and I want to look simple cause I feel more comfortable that way.


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  • Wish I can help you but I think a picture of yourself would be better to assess what outfits would look good and what outfits wouldn't look good.

    • Hahahaha nice try. I already mentioned. I'm an hour glass figure. search it up

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    • I really want to see your figure.
      Better analyses

    • Lol its ok no problem.

  • Tights or yoga or leggings do the trick

  • What's your boob size and measurements?

    • None of your business

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    • I would like to see your picture. Is it possible? You may look better than Kim Kardashian or Anastasiya Kvitko. But Seeing is believing.

    • No sorry if I really wanted to show off I would have put it on thwre myself but this isn't the purpose. I was hoping girls would reply since they know more about fashion and how to help but i guess not. Anyway thanks for trying have a great night

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