I don't understand what's going on.

In the last six months of our one year relationship, my girlfriend has been having serious breakdowns. They aren't traumatic experiences, they're very small things. She will start to cry over minimalistic things...and I often feel like crap because I always feel like it's all my fault. She recently told me that she will never feel special again because she will never have a chance to wear her prom dress again. I used to think I made her feel special but I guess I really don't.

When our relationship first started she made me promise that we would always talk things out together. But nowadays if I want to talk something out with her she just breaks down and starts crying, so all these painful emotions I've had for almost half a year I haven't been able to let out. She won't take me seriously enough to try to understand what's wrong with me. And I just don't want to bring it up anymore to avoid a fight...

And on a side note, we used to always talk all the time when we together for the first few months...now we rarely talk at all. Is there something wrong with me...? Could I possibly have done something wrong in our relationship that has made her so insensitive and distant to me? I don't need opinions on how horrible a person I am here, I just need advice...


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  • This sounds like something more than just "boyfriend problems". She could be having issues that you are completely unaware of. It could be depression or anxiety that she's suffering from and no amount of talking to a nonprofessional is going to make it easier.

    The worst thing about being with someone who is suffering in silence is the problems you have become unimportant. You can't express yourself honestly or have your own chance to vent because she can't deal with anything more than what she's dealing with now.

    If you really cared about her, force her to talk to you about what she's feeling - even if it makes her cry. She needs to admit she has a problem before she can help herself.

    Don't let her sweep these feelings away - even if it hurts her. She needs to deal with them to move forward.

    Good luck.


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  • it sounds like something she needs to see a dr about and not much you can do to help her. people in depression tend to see every little thing as the end of the world. they can't deal with any stress and no one can comfort them really.

  • Don't feel like it is your fault! Maybe you should try by taking her out on a romantic date make her happy? If she said she never got to said her prom dress, ask her if she wants to put it on and model for you? tell her she is beautiful if she does. just help her though it. SIDE NOTEE! maybe she needs time to herself? maybe talk to one of her friends about giving her a girls day out at the spa. hope this helps :)


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