Girls, do you wish the standard for guys clothes was a little more revealing? Do you think that men dress conservatively now to not appear gay?

Looking at mens style from the 80s you see shorter shorts and more revealing clothes. Do you think that this is because being gay was something nobody thought about? Did gay-shaming cause men to almost try to be grosser? Do you think that men will start to dress to attract women again the more that being gay is considered normal and other men won't judge a straight man for dressing more provocatively?


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  • Guys should wear what they feel is good for them. If it is ugly, conservative, revealing, formal, or casual it is all good. Guys dress does tell what type of guy he is so he should just be himself and wear whatever feels right. I like guys wearing all sorts of things so all good with me. :)

  • Men dress for themselves. Many wear tight pants or shorter shorts and think nothing of it. That's they're style. Has nothing to do with gay shaming in my opinion. Just comfort and personal style.


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