What's your opinion on copying a tattoo?

See and hear a lot people who just take a picture of a tattoo to an artist and want the exact same. What do you guys and gals think about that?
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  • Nah tattoos are individual and should stay so


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  • I think it's a bit disrespectful to the tattooist as it's like saying "I don't like you're art work" and they can't showcase their own unique style. There's nothing wrong with taking pictures as a reference and saying you want something similar but you shouldn't expect an artist to copy it line for line exactly.
    Tattooists also design things specifically for a client and most won't want their art stolen by others.


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  • I hate this argument.
    I kinda view it as "I love your artwork so much, I wanted it with me forever"
    I know people want tattoos to be original but, that's not always practical.

  • So just talking a picture another person's work and expecting someone to copy is actually a big no no in the tattoo industry. It's wrong because that's them basically saying the work came from mind and taking money off of someone's hard work!

  • Nothing wrong


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