Why when I think im pretty, no one else does?

Some days i look in the mirror and feel like i look cute. Other days, im like wtf. But the days where i feel pretty, no one else sees it. And the days where i feel ugly, everyone agrees. I know i shouldn't care what people think, but if im ugly to everyone, it's hard to be happy.


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  • " I know i shouldn't care what people think,"

    - Of course you should care about what people think to an extent. That bland advice "don't care about what people think, just be yourself" isn't necessarily true. Humans are innately social creatures, we look towards one another for help, support and yes... validation.
    - Is it bad? Well.. if you want to see a person who doesn't truly care? Those people are going to be 1) Very ugly: if you don't care? Why not wear the most comfortable clothes or enough clothes only so you can legally be arrested. 2) rude: if you don't care about anyone's opinion, you'd just walk around being a dick because Dgaf. etc..

    Anyways, "And the days where i feel ugly, everyone agrees" is your perception of what's going on.
    - "oh but it's true bc (insert your perception)."

    When you feel ugly, the world is grey and anything and everything is perceived as "see... i'm ugly" however when you are feeling pretty.. the compliments and interactions aren't sufficient to your expectations whatever they are.

    Advice: keep on truckin


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  • Who cares what people think. Just be you. Honestly guys care a whole lot less about what you look like than what you think

  • Toxic surrounding !

  • How do you know that people don't see you as pretty when you feel you are?

    • Because people would tell me im pretty or treat me differently. But im always invisible.

    • Well you may just have different standards for pretty, or act introverted. I think most average looking girls don't actually look significantly better on certain days than others, they just feel better. You may need to develop a better understanding of how people perceive you, and how to change it, because looks are sometimes not as important as personality.

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