A feminine and modest formal western dress?

Usually on formal occasions I just wear sari. But now I need a Western dress for a programme coming up.

I did look up on the internet for modest western clothes but none of them were appropriate for me. Some were too tight, some were only up to the knees etc. So here are my requirements:
1) Has to be feminine. No shirt and pants please.
2) Covers my arms and entire legs.
3) Shapeless. Nothing tight.
4) Formal as in office-formal (?) not a wedding or something like that which came up a LOT when I searched on Google. I'm not looking for a dazzling wedding guest/party dress.

I know it's super tough. That's exactly why I'm asking it here. My school is not that much strict about covering up but I personally am for myself. If I don't get any good idea, only then will I get myself formal shirt and pants as my only choice left.


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  • Check out some Middle Eastern or Local clothing sites or you can buy online from designers like,
    HSK, Khaddi, Warda and Gulam type name, I forget about it
    You can search them by their designer name but here are some examples
    I don't know the detail but my G. F order them from these retailers and they look very good on her and I personally think. They have good collection.

    • I am not going to buy online. But I can see the clothes to get ideas. Thank you.

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