Girls, toe Nails?

So you know when you cut your toe nails and you keep cutting them till you touch the skin part and then eventually it get ugly and hurts for a while.. does that fully grow back and could I get an ingrown out of it? Coz I kept cutting on the First toe nail (big one) on both left and right foot until I was left with nothin but looking like it’s been bitten. So please could someone tell me how long will it take to be fully grown out. Ps it was my first time doing it on my own Yesterday until I messed my toenails up and they all look so ugly and bitten (only just turned 13 and thought I was cool to do it on my own) I get my mum to do my too because I shake a lot and I mess them up so I always want them done neatly


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  • I had a couple nails break off at that lenght, didn't turn out ingrown for me. But you might just keep an eye out for any worrisome chances.


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