Anyone up for tattoo ideas?

I was thinking about getting a tattoo but I don't know of what yet.

Is there any ideas I could maybe get some maybe a song title I really love or a book title that inspires me...something to help me out. :D thank you.


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  • A tat is something that shoud mean something to you, Never get loved one names on your body ( You will lose them and its true)

    Places where you can feel bone 9 Ankles, ribs those parts) HURT, Be care ful about back of the neck, and spine too. I never gotten one but I know p;enty of people wh have and two artists.

    But as for what, If you like a panda bear you could get a panda holding a heart it a cute style. Or a Rose ... If there is a song that MEAN EVERYTHING then I would get it ut remember that when your trying to get a job you don;t want song lyrics where its not easy to hide. Most places will not like it if your inked. So do think about jobs and your future. My mom had her tat from 20 removed when I was born, and it looks bad. she had a pot leaf from the 70's lol .


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  • Get something that means something to you ...My next tat I'm getting a family member who recently passed its going to say rest in peace an her name an on the sides I'm getting teal peace doves cause they were her favorite ... it took me year to drawl it so its a very meaningful peace...i suggest you do the same

  • get whatever feels right.. I have... let your freak out tonight,i am me. on my wrst.. it just makes me remeber evry day that its okay to be different and makes me smile,.. just get what makes you smile evrytime you see it:)

    • I love that! =)

      I want to get FAITH on my wrist at some point. I just haven't gotten up the courage yet (I HATE needlees) and I don't have the $$ yet.

    • Yeah I decided to get hope on my wrist and breathe with a heart at the end on my hip! :D thanks I am me sounds cool. Now I'm excited.

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