What's the longest you've gone without washing your hair?

  • A day
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  • 3 days or less
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  • 1 week
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  • 2 weeks
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  • 3 weeks
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  • Longer than 3 weeks
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Most Helpful Guy

  • 2 weeks, were the entire time on a training exercise in the thick of the woods without any shower facilities or anything. First thing most people did when we'd gotten back to the barracks and stored all the gear was go and take a shower. Though being the most junior NCO, I was the last guy to get that chance, but oh well.

    • We just looked for a creek and used that. Cold wakes you up too.

    • @Dinnye001 Yeah when it's -27 Celsius outside on the average day, you don't go diving into any creeks if you can help it.

Most Helpful Girl

  • When I was going through a major depressive episode once I think I left it about twelve days and because my hair doesn't get too greasy and I'd sprayed it in dry shampoo on about the third day it actually still looked pretty good by the end of it. Siouxsie good, mind. Wouldn't have wanted to go outside in public with it but it wasn't horrible.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Probably a week tops when I was younger. If I'm going out, I am definitely going to try and take a shower before going out. If I stay indoors for the entire week without going outside, then I may skip the shower for some of those days - although, if I feel dirty then I'm likely to feel unhappy and take a shower before going to bed.


What Girls Said 3

  • I try and leave my hair as long as possible as its recovering from heavy bleach damage and rarely gets greasy anyway I usually wash it once or twice a week but if I'm super busy with work or its holding up okay I can easily go two weeks

  • A week

  • The longest? Hmm around a week I think


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