Girls, Which one u like more?

  • Girls, Which one u like more?A
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  • Girls, Which one u like more?B
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  • Girls, Which one u like more?C
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  • Girls, Which one u like more?D
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Nobody likes D 😂
Tough competition between A and B


Most Helpful Girl

  • A isn't sexy by me
    B & C perfect 😍
    D design is great but i don't like the print (it looks great but i wouldn't wear it)

    PS: where are the shoes πŸ‘  😜

    • A & B my favourite I also like C and agreed with u don't like D much 😁 that's why in last.

      Shoes? I will share when my second wish come true πŸ˜‚

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    • Oh dear I can understand how u feel that time but it can happen with anyone even with celebrities so just cool 😊

    • thanks 😊 luckily it didn't happen since! 😁

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