Oily but dry skin?

I have really oily skin, but at the same time my skin is really dry too. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

I've tried oil free face washes, moisturizers. Also I have a lot of acne too.

I've tried a water sleeping mask which does moisturize without being oily, but then throughout the day my face just gets oily again. If I don't moisturize my skin just flakes a lot.


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  • I have really oily skin and some dry patches. Every makeup item I use has to be oil free, but at night I use coconut oil to hydrate my face. After using those, my oils have become less. Oily skin usually comes because your face is trying to overcompensate for being dry. Try and and find a good combination skin foundation. I’ve heard great things about the Peach Perfect Foundation by Too Faced Cosmetics. Wash your face at night and in the morning. If you do use serums then use oil free moisturizer (I like the Neutrogena) and then a hydrating oil. Hope this helps :))

    • Thanks! I'll love into the Peach Perfect, I'm huge fan of Too Faced and I love Neutrogena moisturizers

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  • You have combination skin
    To fight oil look for makeup ment for oily skin, ask the people who sell makeup for recommendations.
    For dry skin try hydrating serums for a more long term solution to you dry skin


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