What's the difference between white skin and "pale" skin?

"Pale" is generally used in a less positive connotation. White skin isn't necessarily seen as unnattractive, far as I know.


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  • I'm pale, lol, but I look good. Pale is like the lowest shade of "white" its kinda grey almost. While "white" can be a peach color almost.

    • Makes some sense. On the other hand, my pale isn't very flattering. It's dull, mixed with blemishes and a gaunt-ish face to boot. /: Kind of contraddicting when you want to be lean and have abs.

    • Well blemish marks can be taken care of. When you work on the and your gace should also change as well because your working out and everything. Don't worry boo, just keep working hard and you can love yourself!!

    • Thank you.

  • Pasty skin looks sickly


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