Im Considering Suing My Hair Salon For Legal Damages?

Hi Guys, I am in the film business and have had many projects booked for this coming November. I have also been lucky enough to be asked to film a ad for a up n coming major fashion campaign. I have been a platinum blonde for two years now and have a hair cut similar to Miley Cyrus when she first came out.

My hair stylist who I've only used six times now, burnt all my platinum hair off and I now have orange hair mixed with yellow... I have had to postpone all my film projects, they decided they wanted to charge me the 150 dollars for the process until I had the balls to return the next day to speak to the owner.

My colorists assistant pulled me aside and told me in whole honest truth that my colorist didn't have my product or bleach/toner so he decided to wing it and could care less.

I now am missing out on money and opportunities worth about 22,000 dollars... they have ruined my image and have made it impossible to work for the next 1-2 months. thoughts?
meaning short hair , like P! nk and miley cyrus when she was causing controversy


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  • I would because they didn't give you what you wanted, and didn't tell you of the situation they had.

    • thank you for the realistic response. I agree - they did not communicate therefor didn't take the proper steps

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    • thank you, and then to lie about not having product? shame on them

    • Yup. Its better for the business to just say, "we don't have it" because then they look bad for lying

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  • It's because your hair was already dead and you wanted to bleach your head one more time to die it. Don't sue because your dumbass doesn't know when enough is enough.

    • oh please give me a break, do you know how many people in my business bleach their hair every 4-5 weeks? do you know anything about hair? YOU DON'T CARRY THE BLEACH TO THE ENDS, YOU APPLY ON NEW REGROWTH THEREFOR IF A STYLIST KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE BANDING OR BROKEN HAIR AS YOUR ENDS ARE ALWAYS LEFT ALONE. THE ONLY THING DEAD IS YOUR BRAIN! GET A LIFE!

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    • no not really

    • No not really? Be relevant

  • I doubt you'd get anything in court. It seems like whenever you go to a salon, you take the risk that they might do a crappy job.

  • If your career depends on your hair, maybe you should consider a different job.

    • aweee :(

    • I work in film too, I get it.
      But if you're this stressed out over hair... its just not worth it, in my opinion.

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