Photography and women - Black and white to tone?

Check out these pics. Am I the only one who thinks black and white tone brings about more sexiness and appeal in a woman when compared to a normal toned photo?

And do comment on your best choice from the pictures. Photography and women - Black and white to tone?Photography and women - Black and white to tone?Photography and women - Black and white to tone?Photography and women - Black and white to tone?


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  • black & white puts more mystery in the picture that's why you (we) like it more than the original ones.

    i love the 1st the most.
    3rd pic I'd put to promote some fortune teller business xD

    • First one is a amazing. This Pic brought a lot of attention to the model and she eventually ended up playing opposite to Jackie Chan.

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    • haha sry sry πŸ˜… well now you know 😁

    • Hahaha I would have been more cautious whole calling our on ur boob size and doing those stuff.

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  • I liked the 4th pic. Yes b& w does brunt out the shades better ( less colour distraction).


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  • Yeah black&white pictures are a lot more appealing and sexy..
    I like the first picture

    • Yah me too. Amrya dastur.. The Pic has a certain kinda sexiness to it. Like she hasn't exposed more Nor less and the theme adds more to the flavor.

  • Only because you’re not focused on color i guess. So it brings a little mystery

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. I kinda find this more artistic and more elegant than the normal pics. I would go for this one any day over nudes.

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    • The back and white photo of urs looks a bit grained and saturate. d that's the reason it lost its charm. Next time, try a softer touch if the filter. It should work. Great.

    • Thanks haha

  • B&W looks much enthusiastic

    • I kmow right. Makes even the ugliest of things look beautiful

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