Do you agree that women in other parts of the world take better care of themselves?

I've traveled to Europe, East Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America, and I've noticed that in all those places the women care far more about their appearance and dressing nice than American women do. Even just heading north to Canada, the women are way more prettier and better dressed.
I feel women in other continents take better care of their bodies and their fashion.
Many foreign airlines won't even hire a flight attendant unless she is pretty.
Latin America is supposed to be "poor" and "developing", but the women there have way nicer clothing and better make up than we do.
And I've noticed women abroad care more about their make up, and their hair, fingernails and toenails looking nice.
I've even seen documentaries on poverty in Moldova and Brazil, but their women always have money for the beauty salon.

Do you agree that foreign women take much better care of themselves than American women?


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  • I've never traveled outside of the U. S but I hope they dress better. Some women here think they look good and they don't.


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  • There are cultural differences everywhere and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In southeast asia, it is attractive for women to have body hair, unlike in most western cultures. You could also feel that way because "the grass is greener on the other side"


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  • I think this totally depends from region to region. Every women has her interpretation of fashion and that may depend on various reasons.


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  • Depends on the culture and their upbringing perhaps.


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