How often should I get a harcut so it keeps looking good?

Whenever I get a fresh haircut I think I look (and feel) more attractive and I think even more girls are checking me out. But my hair seems to be growing pretty fast and it eventually gets long and messy and I start to look like a freaking cavemen.


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  • I like short hair.

    • OK but that didn't answer my question...

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    • Ohhh, every 3 to 4 weeks i reckon

    • Once a year, I say.

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  • Depends how short you want to keep it. I get mine cut every 2 -3 weeks

    • My haircut is like this when its new but my hair grows fast and then it starts to look like shit. I get it once a month on average but by the time I go to barber it already looks pretty bad and messy.

    • About the same as me then, mines a bit shorter. I can go 3, 4 weeks at most before I start looking grubby

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  • Every 2 weeks if you want to keep it really sharp. Once a month for most normal people.


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