If 2012 were to happen, would it really be a bad thing?

Like recently I've seen so many things that have made me lose so much faith in humanity.


-A resort in Florida using the BP oil spill at a marketing scheme.

-A girl killed by her father and her brother because she wanted to dress like a regular Canadian girl instead of what her religion says she should wear.

-A girl who waxed her head and eyebrows to make it look like she had cancer so she could start a charity for cancer research then disappear with the money.

Like I realize there are still genuine good people out there, but our society is depleting so quickly that I'm starting to think any future is bleak at best.

This is the one that did it for me.



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  • People have ALWAYS been horrible to each other. I keep hearing all this non-stop rhetoric about how society is degenerating and people are getting more and more desensitized and evil and blah blah blah blah. People suck. They've always sucked. Nothing happening now is any better or worse than it's ever been, we just live in a world where information travels lighting fast so we hear about every bad thing that happens everywhere.

    What really gets me is when YOUNG people start thinking like this, as if they have any idea what the world was like "before" anyway. You're just growing out of your childhood innocence and realizing that people are terrible. Nothing is changing, you're just old enough to see it now.


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  • I don't care. If '2012' will be, than it will be. Sad thing is that not only the bad things will disappear but also the love.

    • Aww yeah. And the beauty of life, theirs so much of it, if only we could all stop, take some time, and look around :/

  • The world won't end in 2012, and here is why, anyone else remember Y2K? I do it was a waist of time, and you couldn't get bottled water or batteries for the longest damn time, I knew nothing was going to happen just like nothing will happen on 2012.

    • I'm not saying it WILL happen yes I remember Y2K, I may have been 8 at the time but I can recall.

      I'm just asking, say it were to happen, would it really be a bad thing?

      Like if something else doesn't destroy us we're going to destroy ourselves eventually.

  • Unfortunately the news usually only airs negative stories because they get much higher ratings. People are more interested in hearing about the triple homicide a few cities over than the person who saved 5000 children in Africa. There are many positive things happening in the world as well, it's just that the negative ones get all the attention.

  • "The people, who were trying to make this world worse... are not taking a day off. How can I? Light up the darkness."

    Kindness and love is more powerful than hate or violence. It just isn't as common.

    I was talking to one of my friends the other day and just asked "on a typical day when good and bad things happen, it seems like we focus on the bad lot more than the good". Under no circumstances can the good people lose or else we really are truly doomed. It's easy to be pessimistic and just give up "everything is so bad that we can't make a difference", and although it seems like that is the case so many times, there have also been countless times where everyday people have turned love of each other into so much positive.

    I've felt like you have before, but you just have to strong enough for the good moments to mean so much more than all the overwhelming bad news today. This is the only thing that really creates that human condition.

  • if you wanna do some research...

    one famous philosopher said that humans are naturally good and they learn evil

    another one said humans are naturally evil and learn good

    i think its the second one. people learn to worry about themselves first than others, its survival.

  • you should not really care that much about that all ''humanity'' thing, just try to live a happy live with those you love.

  • I know a bitch... er... I mean girl, who did something similar to the girl in your third point.

    Humans have always been despicable. Where have you been? Just about every logical person would be a misogynist.


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  • I don't believe in the 2012 thing.

    This is sad for me...


    The mayor of Coppell,Texas killed her daughter.What happened was,she lied to her daughter.She told her daughter that she[the daughter] had been accepted into UT Austin,when in fact she hadn't because she[the mother] never sent the girls application.She "bought" her daughter a graduation present,which was a Sonata...turns out she rented the car.The mayor had been using the city credit card because she was in severe debt and did not want the daughter to know.And she didn't want the daughter to be humiliated because the daughter had already told her friends she had been accepted into UT Austin and that the car was a graduation gift...but she didn't know none of it was true.

    So the mother(also the mayor) killed her daughter,then herself.

    Sad.Huge funeral happened.

  • I don't really think the world will "end" in 2012, but I do believe something (whatever that may be) will happen to our world. You don't know how right you are when you say our society is depleating so quickly. It's scary thinking how at this rate, who knows what will be in a year or two. I've never heard about that 2nd example before, but that's beyond brutal. It's sometimes tough to remember that there are genuine people out here when reading those kind of things.

    • It's just getting terrible.

      It this specific example happened in toronto a while back, but they still talk about it on the news.

      However this type of thing does happen all the time in other countries, it's supposed to be a "honour killing"

      And yeah no kidding.

    • Really? ah I never knew that. Wow..

    • Yeah it's nuts.